There are many wearable devices that track your activity throughout the day. Each brand holds different features and abilities. Here we will compare the Fitbit and the Jawbone Up products to see which is more efficient, slender and nice looking and of course easy to use.

Jawbone UpJawbone Up - Bluetooth Enabled$$$$
Fitbit Flex Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband.$$$$

One of the first things that should be looked at in these products is the price. The Jawbone Up24 is one of the newest models of the activity tracker wristband. From Fitbit, the equivalent would be the Fitbit Flex. The Jawbone Up24 is sold for $149.99 while the Fitbit Flex is sold at $99.95. Clearly if you are searching for something more affordable, the Fitbit Flex would be a better choice.

Next you may want to look at the display and the design of each wristband. The Fitbit Flex is a bit bulkier than the Jawbone Up24, however it is still slender and is offered in many colors, such as black, blue, pink and green. The Jawbone Up24 is thinner and more sleek but it is only sold in “onyx” or black, and “persimmon” or salmon.  Neither displays any information on them.

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Of course you will want to look at the many other features offered as well. Both devices can be synced with mobile devices and computers using Bluetooth. There are also many third party apps that can be used for each device.

It is also important to take into consideration the battery life when looking at these devices. The Jawbone Up24 battery lasts at most 7 days. The Fitbit Flex battery can last between 7 to 10 days.

What is tracked is also important. If you are one who does many different types of workouts then the Jawbone Up24 may be a better fit for you. The Jawbone lets you track multiple different workouts where the Flex is more simple and tracks mostly steps taken, stairs climbed, and distance traveled.

Both the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up24 use mobile apps to show the data that has been collected. The difference between these two software’s though, is quite substantial. The Jawbone Up24 app presents better sleep results and the Fitbit software has a cleaner, more detailed layout which makes it much easier to log food intake.

The Jawbone Up24 can be linked to IFTTT where you can personalize it, such as set the light bulbs to turn on as soon as you wake up. The Fitbits information can be accessed easily from any computer or smart device connected to the internet which makes it very convenient.

Both of these devices and brands hold different and similar abilities. They are both well-made and easy to use. The Jawbone Up24 may be a better choice for those who do many different types of workouts regularly. The Fibit Flex would be better for those looking for something a bit less expensive. Both bands are also very slim compared to some other designs and models but the battery life and easier to read data figures from the Fibit Flex make it a somewhat better choice.

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