People’s interest in technological devices that can be worn has been steadily increasing. Many now use or plan on buying wearable technology that can track your activities throughout the day, such as steps taken, calories burnt and many can even track your sleep.

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However, now that this industry for wearable fitness technology has grown there are many competitors and it can be difficult to decide between multiple brands of devices. Two well-known device brands are Fitbit and Bodymedia. Both of these companies produce wristband trackers that continuously record data throughout your day and present you with the information.


As far as expenses, the price of each line is fairly similar if not the same. The Fitbit One can be bought online for $99.95 and the Bodymedia FIT core and display combo can currently be purchased for $99.

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The BodyMedia, has lots of great features, but at an additional monthly cost.


There are many similarities between the products from each line but there are also differences as well. The first, very noticeable difference between the two is their appearances. While the Fitbit One has a sleek look with a flat dark screen, the Bodymedia FIT looks fairly bulky and is only sold in white. The Fitbit One can be bought in black or purple.

The Bodymedia FIT is a bit of a larger component that is attached to a wrist or arm band. The Fitbit One is very small and clips to your clothing, like a pants pocket or part of your belt line. The Fitbit is much less noticeable, but it can also be forgotten and placed in the washer by accident.

Both the Fitbit One and the Bodymedia FIT track your activity throughout the day and can be synced through multiple different mobile apps for fitness and dieting. They also both have food and drink trackers that can be used to keep up with your calorie intake as well as what’s been burnt. However, the Fitbit has shown that it has a bit more to offer as far as how well it performs.

The Fitbit One can also be wirelessly synced to computers and mobile devices through Bluetooth, where the Bodymedia FIT requires that a USB connection be made. This may not sound like a big deal, but it can become a bit of a hassle to ensure that you continuously plug your device into your computer.

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The Fitbit one is a great sleek design, but expect to pay $50 a year for additional service.


Extra costs:

Since these devices continuously track your information it is important to keep in mind if there are any extra charges along with the purchase of the device. Bodymedia charges $6.95 per month to use the web to view the figures that have been recorded, where Fitbit doesn’t charge anything. However, Fitbit does charge $50 a year for a service that is similar to Bodymedia’s free data export service.

Final Thoughts:

Both of these products have a lot to offer, however it is shown that the Fitbit has a bit more, it syncs wirelessly making it easier to use, and it is more sleek and less noticeable. Bodymedia’s device may work well, but for the same cost, it seems that Fitbit is a more efficient product.