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More information about Fitbit Flex:

The Fibit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband has been designed to track peoples sleep patterns and movement throughout the day causing you to burn calories. Any activity that you do, while wearing this wristband will be recorded and monitored. It is meant to be worn for the entire day so it has been made very comfortable. This techy device is actually a smaller bracelet, covered with rubber for constant comfort through being active, relaxing and even sleeping. There also may be different colors offered to better fit different people. The Fibit Flex not only keeps a record of your calories burnt and how much you sleep but it also recognizes and records your quality of sleep so that you know if you need more.

There are many products offered to people for fitness purposes but many have not been as comfortable or flexible as the Fibit Flex. Almost all fitness products have a goal of keeping the person who is wearing them, comfortable. The Fibit Flex reaches this goal by tightly wrapping around your arm and still being flexible enough to handle movement and stay in place.

The Fibit Flex also has LED lights for tracking your movements and activities. These lights are set to glow when you have reached 20 percent of the preset fitness goals. You can then adjust your specific program to what you believe you need.Fitbit-Flex-2

Fibit also has many other products such as the Fibit One, Fibit Zip and the Fibit Ultra. Fibit is known for their previous products and now the Fibit Flex will quickly be added to the list with its many abilities, it is sure to please many people. The Fibit Flex, compared to other Fibit products, has increased flexibility. The Flex also tracks how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, and the amount of calories that you’ve burnt. This device can even track your sleep, duration and quality and it can tell you how well you are sleeping. The flex, as well as other Fibit products uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to sync with other devices, for example, PCs or smartphones.

Of course, as with any product, there are pros and cons. One great pro with the Fibit Flex is that it never is turned off and is always keeping a record of your activity. It can even be worn in the shower and it will not be damaged. The Flex is also very sleek and attractive, so it goes great with any outfit. One con, that may really bother some, is that the Fibit Flex, unlike the Nike FuelBand, does not show the time.

Amazon has planned to release the Fibit Flex on May 1, 2013. The best price found is only $99.95 for the black and slate colored Flex. Amazon offers extra with their accessories and free shipping on many sales. There are also Fibit Flex coupons and Fibit Flex promo codes that can be used to get this new product at the lowest price possible.

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