Technology that you are going to be wearing such as an activity tracker, not only has to work properly and efficiently, but needs to look good as well. Some may not want it to be visible at all. The Fibit One gives you the ability to steadily be tracking your physical activity without the device being noticeably visible to others.

Fitbit OneFitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black $$

The Pros:

This Fibit is a wireless activity tracker than is clipped onto you. One large question that is being asked about this though, is whether or not a clipped on activity tracker will still work efficiently for those who are doing exercising such as runner and weight training. As we review this device, we will go through different abilities and qualities that the Fibit One has to offer.

As previously stated, this device is wireless so there is no need to plug it into your phone or any other device while tracking. As an activity tracker, the Fibit One will track your steps throughout the entire day and will provide you with figures on calories burned, stairs climbed and how much distance you traveled. You can also track how much and how well you sleep by placing the Fibit One into an arm band at night.

The Fibit One also works with multiple mobile apps, giving you the opportunity to socialize through your tracking. It even has a push button control which allows you to read through your figures and data.


“The Fitbit One’s sleek design makes it easy to clip anywhere, but also easy to forget about.”

The Cons:

One problem with the Fibit One may be that it is too easy to forget about. It is good to forget that you are wearing such devices, however since this clips to you, rather than be worn like a bracelet, it can sometimes get snagged on things if you have forgotten that you are wearing it. However, when used in a wristband through sleep, the Fibit One is not noticeable or bothersome. The Fibit One would be better for those who do not want attention for the device that they are wearing.

My Final Thoughts:

Another convenient feature of the Fibit One is that it syncs wirelessly to your mobile device and can notify you by sending out emails, once you have reached milestones. This device can even be brought into third party apps such as Walgreens Balance Rewards. You can earn points for your activity with the device and for those who are regular Walgreens shoppers, this could be a great bonus. Some other apps that the Fibit One also works with are “MapMyRun”, “MyFitnessPal”, “Endomondo”, and “LoseIt!”

As this is a wonderful device, it may not be the best for runners. Since it clips on rather than be held tight to the wrist, it is not as accurate and may not be the best way to track training. The Fibit Flex or Force would be better for those who are actively running and training.

Other than the simple problem for runners, the Fibit One is a great activity tracker than is quickly hidden. It can easily become a necessity every day.