Note: The fitbit Force has been replaced by the Fitbit Flex.

The Fibit Force (flex) is one of many wearable devices that can track your daily activity and your sleep. Although the market for these products is growing, each product itself has different features throughout its use. Throughout this review we will be able to discuss the different features of the Fibit Force.

Fitbit Force (flex)Fitbit Force (Flex) Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband$$$

The Pros:

This wrist band model activity tracker is comfortable and adjustable to your wrist size. It also tells the time so it can also be seen as a watch with a load of other outstanding features. From the display, you can scroll through different things that have been recorded. This device also syncs wirelessly to your computer or smart phone through Bluetooth.

The sleep tracker can also be very useful to see how much you are actually sleeping and how restless you are throughout the night. If you are one to already have sleep problems then this may help identify underlying causes.

For some, simply wearing a pedometer is simply enough to motivate them to increase their movement throughout the day. There are also many other features that come along with this wearable technology.


The Fibit Force can track how many calories you have burnt throughout the day. This often shows people the large amount of calories they are burning simply through living and reminds us to give our bodies the healthy food and nutrients that it needs. There is also the food and drink intake tracker. This can be used to track all of the food you eat, the exercise you do and how you’ve been feeling.

You also will have the ability to sync through multiple different apps on your smartphone and connect with other friends. Many people who have a Fibit Force have used My Fitness Pal, Lose It, Spark People and Map My Run. These are only a few apps that the Fibit can be synced with, but there are more.

Another wonderful thing about the Fibit Force is its looks. If you are going to wear something all the time then obviously you want it to look good. The display that shows the time and your tracked information only lights up when you press the button. Unless you do so the display will stay completely black.

It’s not bulky and ugly but it’s not flashy either. The Fibit Force is simple in its looks. It is also water resistant so it can be worn through a workout but still needs to be taken off before a shower.

The Cons:

Some may worry about the battery life on these devices, but after 5 days of full use, the device is still half way charged. There is also a wonderful feature that allows you to set alarms that vibrate on your arm without any noise.

It has been known to give certain people rashes on the arm, where the band is. The old Force models have been recalled, and the new Fitbit Flex model with it’s new design has not have any more issues with the rash and irritations of the force.

Final Thoughts:

This device is very efficient and is worth your while. It tracks your many different activities throughout the day, including sleep and it is nice to look at. It is simple, can sync easily to many different apps and is a great fitness tool. With fitbit fixing the rash issue, the fitbit flex (previously force) is a great fitness tracker and well worth the money.