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Fitbit vs Jawbone Up

There are many wearable devices that track your activity throughout the day. Each brand holds different features and abilities. Here we will compare the Fitbit and the Jawbone Up products to see which is more efficient, slender and nice looking and of course easy to use. One

Fitbit Vs Bodymedia

People’s interest in technological devices that can be worn has been steadily increasing. Many now use or plan on buying wearable technology that can track your activities throughout the day, such as steps taken, calories burnt and many can even track your sleep. However, now that this

Fibit Force Review

Note: The fitbit Force has been replaced by the Fitbit Flex. The Fibit Force (flex) is one of many wearable devices that can track your daily activity and your sleep. Although the market for these products is growing, each product itself has different features throughout its use.

Fibit One Review

Technology that you are going to be wearing such as an activity tracker, not only has to work properly and efficiently, but needs to look good as well. Some may not want it to be visible at all. The Fibit One gives you the ability to steadily

Fitbit One Vs BodyBugg

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker The main suggestion that Fitbit has is that their device will help you stay active, eat healthier, and get a better nights sleep. If you stick to the regime you will be more fit and healthy. When you first get