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About Bodymedia:

Fitbit and Bodymedia are two very well-known companies that produce and sell wearable activity tracking devices. Each company has produced different products, but each is different in their own respects.

Fitbit’s founders, Eric Friedman and James Park began creating wearable activity tracking devices for the company in 2007. This company has been around for 7 years now.

Fitbit was a private startup company that began in 2007 when Eric Friedman and James Park began and has grown quickly. The first product announced was the Fitbit Classic. It was released in 2008 and was still very simple. It tracked steps taken, distance, calories burnt, activity intensity and sleep and was made to clip onto your clothing.

After this product, Fitbit continued to produce the Fitbit Ultra, One, Zip, Flex and Force which are all used as activity tracking devices. Fitbit has also produced the Fitbit Aria which is a “Wi-Fi Smart Scale” that uses your BMI and weight to help automatically track to

Fitbit also has won multiple awards such as, TechCrunch50 in 2008 and CES 2009 Innovation honoree. They also received best in the Health and Wellness category.

Bodymedia, on the other hand is a medical and consumer technology company that began in 1999 by John Stivoric and Astro Teller. Bodymedia had its first set of research on wearable devices published in 1998. They published a study on detecting activity context using accelerometers.

Bodymedia has been selling their hardware since 2001, including the Bodymedia FIT, which is a device that is placed in an armband and worn to track activity. This product much like the Fitbit wristband products tracks activity and creates figures from that data. This product however needs to be plugged into a device rather than use Bluetooth to transfer information.

Although Bodymedia has not produced as many products as Fitbit, however this is not because they do not want to or do not have the capacity to. This is because their large focus is from a medical standpoint and they try to produce products based on their studies. Since studies can take a very long time tom complete, it is understandable as to why Bodymedia does not have an overabundance of fitness products.BodyMedia-coupon2

Bodymedia’s main product, Bodymedia FIT, also isn’t the most attractive of wearable activity tracking devices. This once again is because they are not as concerned with the products appearance as they are concerned with how effective and accurately the device will record and transfer information.

Most people are more trusting in the older companies, which is rightfully so. However, if you are going to trust Bodymedia for accurate readouts and sturdy products, you should do so because of their strength in the medical and health field.

Fitbit products have had some complaints about inaccurate readouts previously. These readings may not be hugely different from complete accuracy, but if you are looking for something that can help you to maintain training or keep heavy track of food intake and activities then you may want to stick with Bodymedia products.

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